Pedum Peak

Pedum Peak 2111 m

It’s located into the heart of the Park Natural Reserve. The main trail is on the north-east side, getting the Bocchetta di Campo Bivouac. From other sides, trails are more difficult, including rock climbing.

Togano Mount

Togano Mount 2301 m

Located between the Val Grande and the Val Vigezzo, it’s the highest peak of the Park. Reachable from Trontano, getting the Parpinasca Refuge (1210 m) or from Orcesco – Druogno getting the Campra Alp (1379 m) and the Biordo Pass (2061 m).

Laurasca Peak

Laurasca Peak 2195 m

It’s the most visited peak of the Park, located between the Val Grande and the Val Loana. It’s easily reachable from Malesco, crossing the Val Loana and getting the Scaredi Alp Bivouac (1841 m). Trails from Cortechiuso Peak (2183 m) and Val Pogallo are more difficult.

Zeda Mount

Zeda Mount 2156 m

It’s located between the Val Grande and the Cannobina Valley, and it’s one of the most visited mounts of the Park. The easiest trails starts from Premeno, crossing the Folungo Pass. Other trails start from Falmenta, getting the Forà Alp Bivouac, from Marona Peak and, on the north side, following the Bove trail.

Sasso Peak

Sasso Peak 1916 m

From Cicogna to Prà Alp and Colma di Belmello, then climbing the ridge.

Tuss Peak

Tuss Peak 1735 m

From Cicogna to Prà Alp and Colma di Belmello, turning left before the most precipitous path to Sasso Peak. From Velina you can climb the west side, but the trail is more difficult and not completely marked.

Marona Peak

Marona Peak 2051 m

From Cicogna, following the mule track to Pogallo until Treguglio and Teggia courts, going down to the Marona River and up until the Rasciola Alp, then to the Büsen Alp and climbing the ridge.

Faiè Mount

Faiè Mount 1352 m

From Santino and Bieno until the Ompio Alp, then following the mule track until the Fantoli Refuge, the marked trail across the forestry, and turning left at the junction for the Corte Buè.

Corte Lorenzo Peak

Corte Lorenzo Peak
1573 m

Lesino Peak

Lesino Peak
1990 m

Proman Peak

Proman Peak
2098 m

Nona Peak

Nona Peak
2271 m

Rio Valgrande

Valgrande River

Rio Pogallo

Pogallo River